Basic types of Photography-


Photography is a common hobby and expensive one also. There are few basic types of photography are

done. I am here going to discuss the main and broad category of such photography. What type of photo-

graphy done you it can be easily checked here.

1- Broad Category is Nature Photography

Nature Photography Image 

Nature photography done by every photographer in his life but he/she may or may not know about this.

This can be easily understand by if you are taking photograph of plant, flower or other natural element

from nature it is known as nature photography. 

2- Broad Category is Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography Image

Wildlife photography is also very common and popular one. If you are taking photograph of any wild life

animal or bird, then it’s come under this category.

3- Broad Category is Architectural Photography

Architecture Photography Image

Any person taking photo of any architecture (it include Building, Historical stones or any design which

was planned)

4- Broad Category is Occasion, family or event Photography

Occasion Photography Image

All around the word this type of photography is most common such as wedding or birthday photography.

5- Broad Category is Sports / Action Photography

Action and Sport Photograpy Image

Action or sport photography done to show particular movement during act. For this most important is to

shutter speed of camera and there telescopic performance.

6- Broad Category is Macro Photography or micro Photography

Macro Photography Image

Macro photography is done to show minor details of object. For this purpose special lenses are used to

show minor details of flower insect or any other thing.

7- Broad Category is HDR Photography

HDR Photography Image

It is known as high dynamic range photograph. When image are taken in different exposure value then

all are merge into one. HDR image gives all picture quality which is not possible in single shot.

8- Broad Category is Black And White Photography

Black and White Photography Image

From long time black and white photography are taken in account. But still some artists prefer this. Actually

it gives high contrast to image.